Thursday, May 14, 2009

Parcent - January 2005

Artists impression of our house in Parcent

In December 2004 we decided to return to the Jalon Valley and look for another house. We did a lot of research, and arranged to view using two estate agents. One of them was Buena Vista, who had found us the house in Sagra. And Dave and Sue would again be our guide.

We looked at a lot of house before we arrived at Parcent. Dave and Sue had earmarked one of these houses as favourite. When we arrived there was a deep hole to cross to get into the house, and only a narrow springy length of wood to cross on. Jan refused, and went off with Sue whilst Dave and I looked around. I liked the house, but was not really sure it was the right one.

When we returned to the pavement there was no sign of Sue and Jan. Dave thought that they might have gone to look at another house further up the road. It was easier to enter this house, and Dave thought Sue might have suggested that Jan look around as it was similar to the one that they were showing us.

When we arrived on the naya (balcony) I was blown away with this fantastic view. Far superior to the one in the earlier house, which looked down the valley but did not overlook the village. I felt that this was "the house" and told Dave we wanted to consider putting in an offer.

As we left the house we found Jan and Sue. They had been exploring a dirt track which leads down to the village. Jan felt exactly the same as I, and we both knew that we had found our house in Spain. It was quite a bit dearer than the other one, but larger and just right for us. We could even extend the downstairs to provide a large wargames room.

Sue, Jan and Dave on the naya where I had decided that we would have to have this house.

Jan and Sue in the bathroom, even here there is a beautiful view. We arranged to have an extra large window put in, and the bath raised, so we could admire the view when having a bath!

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