Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sagra - April 2004

In March 2004 we contacted a local estate agent in Salisbury, who specialised in finding homes in Spain. After explaining that we wanted a good walking area and not too extreme in temperatures, she agreed with us that the Jalon Valley in the Costa Blanca would be ideal. She arranged for an estate agents, Buena Vista on Jalon, to contact us to arrange an inspection visit.

At 1015 on 21 April we arrived at Alicante airport, where we were met by Dave and Sue from Buena Vista estate agents of Jalon. They were to be our constant companions for the next four days while we looked at prospective houses in the Jalon Valley.

We were impressed that they had taken the trouble to match available properties with our requirements, and we looked at a number of possible ones. But when we visited the one at Sagra we fell in love at once. It was an overgrown field when we first saw the site, but the agent came prepared with diagrams and drawings. We spent an hour or so walking aroun the plot, studying diagrams and maps and trying to visualise what it would look like when it was finished.

We would not sign to buy at once, despite a lot of sales talk about lots of interested buyers and this plot might be gone by tomorrow. We returned to our hotel and talked it through, and through and through. We didn't get a lot of sleep that night. But by morning we had decided we would buy.

We returend to the site, went over the details again, and again, and again. Finally we agreed to pay our deposit of €3000. We returend to the office and signed on the dotted line. Then we all went to a local beach front bar and drank a glass of champhagne. We were owners of our own house in Spain!

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