Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wargames Room - April 2006

One of the important considerations why we choose this house was that we could extend the downstairs to provide sufficient space for our wargames room. Fortunately we choose the house when it was still "on plan" so we could have the extension done at the initial building stage.

One of the first jobs when we arrived was to find a carpenter who could make us a wargames table and shelves to hold the model soldier collection. We designed the table to fit the available space, and also to have shelves underneath to hold the spare scenery squares.

The table and shelves were completed, the soldiers unpacked, the scenery tiles made and painted and all done within one month of moving in!

There are no windows in the wargames room, but we had these glass bricks to allow as much light as possible.

The shelves were carefully planned to ensure that there was sufficient space for all of the model soldiers, and also deep enough to hold the army trays.

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